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Post by Alex on October 12th 2012, 2:43 pm

The world is ever changing, as are the creatures within. Some have changed so much, it is almost impossible to look back and discover what descended from what. It all started with a legend and a wolf. A legend was once told of a black lone wolf who only roamed in the light of the full moon. He was known as Naktis Notte. One night he was mortally injured by these savage wolves who grew tired with the Naktis's haunting presence. As the brutal pack left Naktis alone in the snow, dying in a pool of his own blood, the poor beast wondered what he had ever done to die like this. Just before Naktis breathed his final breath, the she-wolf guardian of the moon, Mënulis, looked down on him in pity, for she had always fancied Naktis; his shining black pelt, and his strange outlook on life.
Mënulis came down and told Naktis that she would let him live again, for it was unfair and unjust the way he was murdered. However, the wolf guardian of the sun, Sekmadienis, heard this and was enraged. The wolf came down to earth, just as Mënulis had done a few moments prior and snarled gravely to his mate. Sekmadienis spoke of it being extremely unfair for this brute to live while others who had been killed before had died. It was the way of life and death, nothing would change that. Naktis nodded his head, accepting of his death, and waited for Mirtis, the guardian of Death to come.

However, when Sekmadienis looked on at his mate's sadness to loose her favorite wolf to the Final Den, the wolfs' heaven, he sighed and granted Mënulis's request for the sad mortal to live. But, Sekmadienis twisted it. He told Naktis that he would live, but as a human, having to walk on the earth with two legs instead of four and go down to village where the humans all lived, speaking in their strange, foreign language, and eating their burnt food. Naktis bowed his head, unsure of what to make of this gift...or was it a curse?

Before the gift could be bestowed, Mënulis added one last thing. She said that in times of great danger and when he needed it the most, Naktis could transform into a wolf to defend himself and his family when he made one. And, they would have all ten guardians, including themselves, watch over him in his harsh journey down mans' road. The dying brute accepting their gift and was turned into a man, having to live in the villages and raise a family. In times of peril, the wolf would arise from Naktis again.

The strangest thing happened to Naktis when he had children, they developed the same ability that he had of being able to turn into a wolf. Although, they could do it more frequently than he ever could. His wife shunned him for bestowing such a strange curse upon their children and she left him. Naktis was so consumed with grief that he ran out into the village square, stark, raving mad and turned into wolf, despite the fact that there was no danger. No no, the only true danger was himself. Naktis ran, blindly with rage, biting people and wolves, killing them, ripping them apart. Mënulis watched from her home in the moon in horror as she realized she and Sekmadienis had created a terrible monster. For the second time since the world began, she came down from the moon and summoned Mirtis.

Together they approached Naktis and confronted him. The poor beast was too blinded by madness to be able to regard them properly, and reluctantly, Mënulis allowed Mirtis, the guardian of death, to finally take Naktis with him to the Final Den. Mirtis's mate, Gyvenimas, the guardian of life was greatly upset to lose such a fine wolf, but accepted it nonetheless. Sekmadienis was furious that he and Mënulis had caused such a mess of things and wanted to make it right. He called together a council, bringing together the Guardians to discuss the devastating event.

All discussed what was to be done with the world and those who inhabited it. They could not just wipe out a whole village, that would be so terrible and not at all in their nature. Suddenly, all of the wolves and humans who had been critically wounded started stirring. There was a great deal of confusion from above and below when the wolves found they could turn into humans and the humans found they could turn into wolves. This was known as the Curse of Naktis.

That was the day the Shifter was born. They were cast out from society and labeled outcast. Some Shifters formed packs, others went out alone. All were given immortality. Hundreds and hundreds of years past and the Shifters eventually learned how to control themselves and live among humans, or other wolves, and not be rejected. Still, humans and wolves were frightened of these strange creatures. They knew of the Curse of Naktis and avoided them at all costs, frightened that something similar would happen to them.

The Shifters thrived for a time, some even mated, but most chose not to. After a while, there was only a handful of Shifters left and because the harshness of nature, the cruelties of deception and lies, and constant fights and battles, the Shifters were broken into three packs, Servile Amnesty, Grandiose Retaliation, and Pariahdom Omneity. Some Shifters managed to avoid the pack life and took up the life of a loner, constantly wandering, even debating on which pack to join, or simply bringing destruction to their own life...unable to live with themselves anymore. Some pure wolves even joined the packs, learning to trust the Shifters and their odd abilities. Slowly, the Shifters grew less and less.

Gyvenimas the guardian of life watched sadly as the special breed started dying out. For, because the Shifters had been so special, all of the guardians kept a close eye on them, using their powers to help make life easier for them in some areas. But, there was nothing they could do now...until Gyvenimas got an idea. The she-wolf came down and gave all of the Shifters a gift to turn the pure wolves into Shifters as well. They would have to sacrifice some of their own blood and allow the pure wolf to drink it. This would turn it into a Shifter and it would have all of the abilities of a real Shifter. She also made it so that Shifters could turn humans into their kind by biting them over the heart. The process was long, painful, and very hard...some did not survive...but the strong ones that did would no doubt wake up to be a Shifter.

This caused the Shifters to begin to thrive again, growing larger than ever before. This was beginning to become a hazard to the real world and the Shifters both, so the Guardian Council set up a world where the Shifter, and any other wolf for that matter, could live safely. This place was beyond the Point of No Return. And, to help the Shifters have a place to go where they could be human, the guardians made sure the land was near a city where real humans wandered.

Now it all is kept a secret from the two-legged. They know none of the land beyond their tall sky-scrapers and the mountains beyond that even. The only humans that know of the lands past the Point of No Return are the hunters who think all Shifters are wolves. Everyone, wolf and Shifter must be very careful.

This world is one of the most deepest secrets kept and also the darkest past to go along with it. the Shifters do everything they can to protect this secret...Can you?

Literacy is a must. We're not expecting big monster posts, but at least provide more than just a few lines. No chat speaking IC either. Save that for the C-box por favor. There is a minimum word count of 200 words for each post. We understand if you are having a writers block but excessive, below requirement posting will result in a warning

A quick guide to the Shifter race here at Point Of No Return.
001. Shifters can either be humans who find they can turn into wolves, or wolves who find they can turn into humans. It doesn't really matter.
002. Most Shifters are able to use their powers when they reach fifteen human years. However there are very rare cases where the powers develop earlier.

003. Unless murdered or poisoned, Shifters are immortal and will never die.

004. If a Shifter is in human form and they under go too much rage, they will lose control and turn into their wolven form. Once this has happened, they will not be able to shift back for a while.

005. Shifters can communicate with wolves in their human form and vice versa.

006. Shifters can turn humans into their kind by biting them over the heart in wolf form. Shifters can turn wolves into their kind by shedding their own blood in human form and have the wolf drink it.

007. A female Shifter is pregnant with pups for three IC months.

008. Shifters can sense other others of their kind in human form and vice versa.

009. Shifters still have their wolven senses as humans, but they aren't as acute.

010. A Shifter is generally stronger in physique and mental capacity.

011. Shifters are extremely fast healers. If they break a limb, it only takes less than a week to heal if treated properly.

012. Once a Shifter reaches the age of twenty-five, they stop aging.

013. If someone over the age of twenty-five is turned into a Shifter, then no matter how old they are, their appearance will change to the way they looked when they were twenty-five.

014. Female shifters must be in their wolf forms when they give birth or they will die.

015. If a Shifter changes a human, the bite mark over their heart will never fully leave no matter how much
time passes. It will always remain a scar.

Grandiose Retaliation
Servile Amensty
Pariahdom Omneity



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