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Alpha Female Application  Empty Alpha Female Application

Post by Rune on October 10th 2011, 12:41 pm

Character Portion

Character’s Name :
Character’s Age:
Character’s Personality:
How would your Character suit the position of a Alpha?:
How is your Character’s leadership skills?:

Member Portion

WolfQuest Username:
Activity (1-10):
How long have you been a member of the pack?:
How would you say that you would benefit the pack in general?:
Why are you a good choice for this position?:
Why not?:

Question & Answer Portion

Two members are in an all-out skirmish in the pack chat. How do you fix the problem?

A member becomes angered all of the sudden, and begins posting all over WolfQuest lies about Banishing Winds pack breaking WolfQuest rules, trying to get it shut down. What would you do in this situation?

The pack is slowly beginning to seem to slip away, less people log on and post by the week, and you wish to try and keep it alive. What do you do to bring excitement back and encourage the members to continue and enjoy themselves on the site? (Try and think big...)

Someone has completely stolen the pack’s setup, the text is all plagiarized. How do you act to get the post removed from the WolfQuest forum?

A member is becoming excessively rude in the chat and RolePlay. How would you address the matter?

A member is making themselves the center of attention in the RolePlay, making their characters constantly hurt and deprived of everything and making everyone uncomfortable to post in the RolePlay. How would you solve the problem?

Here is the Alpha Female application...when you've filled it out please PM it to Crimson (me) either on here or on Wolfquest.

:Note: That I may ask additional questions when I know who is interested in the position.

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