What is Semi-Realistic RolePlay?

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What is Semi-Realistic RolePlay? Empty What is Semi-Realistic RolePlay?

Post by Silver on July 20th 2011, 11:12 am

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    We all know there are other wolf RolePlays. The types of these other RolePlays vary, from realistic to something that hardly is realistic or possible. In this pack, however, we are a realistic based RolePlay and try to use our wolves in a manner that is similar to how real wolves act. Now, I'm not saying that your wolf can't speak or anything like that, no, on the contrary we actually encourage you to socialize with your character in the RolePlay! All that I am saying is that, for example, wolves cannot blush to pink because of their fur BUT they can feel it or narrate it in the RolePlay. Wolves cannot, also, cry, and shed tears. But, do not despair! You can use your character to show these emotions through any part of their body. The paws, shuffling or fidgeting, can show that your wolf is uncomfortable. The ears pinned can show that your wolf is sad, depressed, angered, or uncomfortable. The tail can show happiness, anger, fear, and many other emotions. Take, for example, a horse. If a horses tail is whipping the air, then you had better correct what you are doing before it throws you!

    If you need help on any of these things, or questions on how to show a particular expression or mood, feel free to PM any council member! We are all fairly experienced RolePlayers and can help you!

    Now, we move back to the topic of RolePlays and how we are original and different once again. Fantasy RolePlays may allow odd eye colors, different coat pigments and such things, but again, we are semi realistic. Eye colors allowed are these, but keep in mind, you can always jumble these eye colors to create your own, realistic color!

    • Yellow
    • Gold
    • Amber
    • Brown
    • Pale Green
    • Grey
    • -Sometimes- Blue (This is only possible vie genetic defects unless your wolf is a hybrid. You may use this color, but if possible, try to steer away from it. )

    What is Semi-Realistic RolePlay? Eye-color

    As well, there are varying types of coat colors as well. Here is a small chart of them, but keep in mind, same with eye colors as long as it is realistic, it is allowed! Please note that stars, or any oddly shaped markings (Ones you would not find on a real wolf.) will not be allowed.

    What is Semi-Realistic RolePlay? 2zgc5yh

    And, so, we come to the end of our little tutorial on what is semi-realistic. If you need any help, or have any questions, feel free to PM a council member!

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