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Post by Rune on February 1st 2011, 6:00 pm

After, a few days of voting the council has decided that Aethos is our new MotM! So when you see him on the site be sure and congratulate him!

Also, because of our rather dull rp right now we will be having a Plot Contest. Below are the details and it would be awesome if a lot of you participated in this one.
As it does not really matter how complex, or simply it is just as long as it follows the rules of the pack.

Name: Plot Contest
Starting Date: February the 1st
Ending Date: February the 5th
Details: It must follow all of our rp/site rules if it breaks one then it will not be accepted.
Keep it as realistic as you possibly can and make sure nothing major happens within it.
Things that inflict large amounts of damage onto the pack will be cast aside and not judged.

When finished or if you have any other questions please send it to Rune (Me).

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