Banishing Winds Territory Map

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Banishing Winds Territory Map  Empty Banishing Winds Territory Map

Post by Rune on September 14th 2014, 2:49 am

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Windy Peaks | Isolated and bone chillingly cold, these peaks stand vigilantly watching as time creeps onward. They are constantly covered in a blanket of snow, but caution is given to those who attempt a visit. Beauty can be deceiving, and you may find yourself meeting death's cold grasp ahead of schedule.

Evergreen Forest | This is where the heart of the pack lays beating within a cavity made of pines. It is lush and thick as it provides shelter from the outside world to all those who enter. Be careful though as this area may willingly welcome you in, but fail to let you leave if you do not know its ways.

Marshlands | A void of sheer darkness ensnares this region as the trees pack together in tight bunches like a maze and the water runs murky as if trying to hide what lies below its surface. Those that enter should be wary for within these Marshlands there is no normality.

Golden Meadows | A glorious sea of golden grass sways ever so gently in the wind in this particular part of the land. This would be considered the hunting lands for the pack as the prey source roams free with little to no concerns filling up their thoughts.

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