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Member Etiquette

Post by Elysia on December 20th 2012, 9:52 pm

member etiquette

1. All members should treat each other with respect. This encompasses a great deal of aspects. There should be no excluding of single members (no forming of "cliques"). There should be no unkind name-calling or discussion of the actions of members (on or off the site). Correcting the actions of a member should be handled solely by the council. There should be absolutely no superiority based on length of time with the pack.

2. All members should act maturely. This means using proper grammar where appropriate and generally restraining themselves from childish behavior. Childish behavior encompasses gossip, fighting, tantrums, copious amounts of complaining and prejudices. If you as a member have a problem with another member, this should be handled appropriately. We do not wish for any skirmishes or other kinds of veiled insults. This includes on other pack sites or sites such as DeviantArt.

3. All members should show commitment. Commitment mainly relates to activity. We expect that by joining this pack, you understand the time and loyalty commitment. This does not mean simply coming online and logging in or only making roleplay posts. We expect members to be posting in games, pack activities, on the pack thread, and in the roleplay. We understand that occasionally you are waiting for another member to post before you can - but there is always something to do in the meantime.

4. All members should use appropriate language. While we each have different definitions of what is a "swear" word, there are certainly some that should be avoided. If you have to stop and wonder whether it is a swear word, it probably shouldn't be used. As many say - better safe than sorry. Appropriate language also encompasses topics of discussion. While we appreciate the need to "rant", we request that such rants be on appropriate subject matter - nothing too mature. We also ask that other packs, members or WQ related subjects be handled with care and maturity.

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