Not ignore the information that mentions Chalice. I borrowed the layout from my other character.

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Not ignore the information that mentions Chalice. I borrowed the layout from my other character.

Post by Rune on November 20th 2012, 2:51 pm

:Nicknames: Run, Runaway, Runescape, Runester, and Prunes.
:Gender Male
:Rank: Alpha Male
:Age: 2 years and 7 months

:Coat Colorization: Rune's fur is made up of multiple hues. The upper half consists of many shades of Grays, Browns, and Whites and bares the occasional streak of black. His lower half such as his front and back legs consist of a shade or two of a light tan mixed with a hint of white at the base of his paws.

:Orb Colorization: Rune's eyes are a lighter color yellow, and they show up nicely because the region around his eyes takes on a somewhat darker cream tone.

:Body Structure: This Alpha is a sturdy wolf with a good muscular structure, which makes him quite large in size. Because of this his speed is decreased as is his stamina, though when it comes to brute strength he has that in the bag. Rune however, doesn't believe in using or abusing this, for his own personal gain and so he only turns to it when it is absolutely necessary.

: Personality: Rune can be a very intelligent wolf when he wants, or when it is demanded. He is the type that prefers to make reasonable decisions when he can, so that he can avoid any unnecessary conficlit or problems. it comes to fights instead of using brute strength to fight a needless battle. However, do not underestimate this wolf for he does have the strength and the determination to win any fight if needed. And though he is of a higher rank he does his best to be respectful to all those he meets...even if they are below him in rank. Along with these he is also a rather friendly wolf. And tends to wear a smile even on the worst of days.

:History: (Still Working on)

: Strengths and Weaknesses: Chalice's strengths are speed, stamina, and agility. Because of this and his lean body he is quick on his feet and can run for quite awhile before tiring out. Sadly, though he does not have a lot of strength or power like his brother does. He is also quite the listener and really makes it work for him when he needs the extra social points.

:Talents and Quirks: .


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