The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010)

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The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010) Empty The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010)

Post by Rune on December 7th 2010, 12:39 am

We discussed the idea of sending out Newsletters…that would basically up-date everyone on things that have happened or will be happening in the pack. You will receive this either by email (if you choose) or by PM (if email is denied then this is required)


We may be adding a few more ranks some are new and some we have had before. Below are the possible ranks you may be seeing about the front page one day.

Omega- This is not my favorite rank because it is used quite commonly however, basically new members would go here and until they proven themselves or decide which rank they want they would go here.

Brawlers- I really like this rank and this will probably be applied in the future. It is anther word for warrior however, it is not used a lot and has more appeal then simply using the term warrior. This would be different from our rank of Guard.

Healer- We’ve had this rank once before, but hardly anyone wanted the rank or they were always inactive. However, we could always give it a second chance and see how it plays out.

Apprentices-I also really like the idea of this rank because it could sort of teach the newcomers more about the rank they wish on joining.

Scholars- This is also another rank that I favor because we could use something like this in the pack. Basically it is like a teacher rank and those who are apart of this rank will tutor our other members (who may need someone to help them understand our ways of roleplay..etc.)


We also talked about activity and we’ve decided that we will be taking things a bit further. Seeing as we have a few members who are inactive…which as of right now it is not effecting us, but I have noticed a bit of a decrease in posting on the pack thread for wolf quest. So far you guys know that I am laid back with all the activity and only require you to post at least once a week. Which is not that hard seeing as it would take like five minutes.

I know I’ve seen a few of you post things like “I would post here more, but I just really do not have much that needs said.” Or something along those lines…one of the reasons for this is because we are not as active on the wolf quest thread.

Now I am not saying that you must post every hour of the day and I realize sometimes it is hard coming up with something (that is on topic) that you could say. However, I am asking that we try and pick that up a bit alright?

Because I can be mean and lock down the entire website until posting on the PT improves…However, I would hate doing that because most would hate that and probably leave the pack because I did such a thing... Although, let me say there is a limit on how laid back one can you shouldn't always take me being as laid back as I currently am for granted.XD


As many of you know the pack anniversary will soon be upon us…seeing as we only have about 4 days before we are officially a year old! Yay!!

Anyways we have some suggestions here and most of them will be added, but some (due to lack of time) will be denied and cast aside until our next big even!! So don’t worry we will use all the ideas suggested it just won’t be all at once or for one event.


Writing contest?
Art contest?
New skin?
Pack Playlist?


Masquerade OOC RP Prom

Sounds good Derek, maybe we can even fake rp the old memories? That way it'd give new members a chance to have a better understanding of memories.


Live Chat Pack Meeting- to possibly hold a trivia contest and other such things
Celebration in the pack rp- group hunt with everyone, a feast, and cool down beneath the stars (for everyone to kinda drift to sleep and talk to end the night)

My ideas are mostly for pack bonding and such.

Derek’s (Note this would go into next week as well seeing as a day for this week is already over with.)

What about a pack holiday week, each day we celebrate a different thing, one day for elite guards, on for scouts, the alpha's Betas and Deltas would get a day, hunters and so on, and on each day we have a new activity and those people would be the members of the day. or something like that.

we could also do a walk down memory lane, go over past events that newer members may not know about, and if we can invite old members to join. This would allow new members to learn about pack history, and refresh old members memory, and would be a fun a activity to do.


Riddles/brain teasers



Karma’s and Mina’s

Signatures and/or avatars

(If I've missed anything or you notice any mistakes please forgive me...I suck at taking notes and well this was from sheer memory. Which you should all know by now is not that great sometimes.)

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The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010) Empty Re: The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010)

Post by Guest on December 7th 2010, 5:01 pm

Ahh! I'm sorry I forgot! It's just that I was busy all day and alas I did not have any access to the computer...


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The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010) Empty Re: The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010)

Post by Maiara on December 7th 2010, 6:37 pm

Thanks so much for posting this Rune I love all the ideas. The new ranks look especially interesting.

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The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010) Empty Re: The pack meeting (Sunday 5th 2010)

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