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Username Change Guide Empty Username Change Guide

Post by Guest on July 19th 2011, 4:19 am

Since we're currently doing username changes, and we don't want members thinking the goofy usernames are our wolf names, here's a nifty little guide as to who's who.

Almighty Overlord Larry = Rune

Empress a Tasty Beverage = Maiara

Count Soprano the Literal = Soran

Duchess Kirly Fry = Kira

Sweet Tea = Taru

Elysia Bird of the Sea = Elysia

Minute Maidâ„¢ = Mahina

Lieutenant Colonel Falco = Falco

Hundred Acre Wood = Akera

Inso da sleepy = Insomnia

Altair the Muskateer = Altair

River Of Cocacola = Silver Moonlight

Sprite Lite = Spirit

Jade the Immortal = Jade

Kanae the Kan to the Soup = Kanae

Butter Knife = Knife

Most of them are self explainatory, but I just included all of them for your enjoyment =P


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