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Advertising Rules Empty Advertising Rules

Post by Rune on July 12th 2011, 3:23 am

Role Playing Sites

If you are advertising a site you created or want to share with the pack please provide a rating. The only ratings we allow here are G, PG, PG13 all others are not allowed here.

Make sure there is no vulgar language in your advertisement.

If your site that you are advertising could be offensive to another member and you know it could please do not post it here.

Wolfquest Packs

Please make sure your pack follows all the WQ guidelines.

Don't become upset if no one here joins your pack. If the advertisement didn't work change it or something...

There should be no vulgar language in your advertisement.

You must provide the thread link in your advertisement.

(For now this is all, but more can and probably will be added in the future on both of these.)

Tip: Make your advertisement as appealing as you may help you gain new members.

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