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Post by Kira on April 2nd 2011, 9:50 pm

Read this thoroughly! We haven't yet done this and of course we have some rules for you to make it fair. So, we will be having a poll to determine the winner of the contest!

However, you may NOT

-vote for yourself
-tell others whose story is whos

If the above rules are violated and we find out, you will be disqualified. So please, keep it fair.


Long, long ago
there were many orange fish
that swam the sea.

There was one,
He was not as orange
as the rest.

This distraught
le petit poisson rouge,
so like a ninja, he made an escape.

In his travels,
le poisson rouge
did find a lone ballon

The little lone fish,
did long to have that
lone balloon.

Opening his mouth wide,
he did call the winds to
Bring the balloon to him.

Too strong, did blow the winds
and sent the lone balloon
right into the fish's mouth!

Into the fish, the balloon did go
making this fish
the first of the puffers


There was once a
small, shy puffer fish named George. His siblings were all rather large
compared to him, though he could never understand why. Distraught, he decided
to ask a rogue to spy on them and see if he could figure it out.

When the rogue
returned, he informed George that his siblings had eaten an orange balloon when
they were young, but their parents ran out of balloons when it was his turn.

Distraught and feeling
left out, George decided to escape from his parents to find a balloon. He
traveled long and hard and finally came upon a huge balloon that would make him
bigger than the rest of his siblings. Yet, when he was about to eat it a ninja
shark attempted to eat him. He darted forward and swallowed the balloon,
becoming bigger than the shark, and swallowed him. There was only one issue,

It was a Disney
Princess balloon, and so big that his scales stretched so much you could see
the balloon inside.

To this day, George is
now Georgina. When he returned his parents renamed him, thinking he had been a
girl all along.


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