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Moving up ranks!  Empty Moving up ranks!

Post by Rune on March 27th 2011, 6:37 pm

Okay, well if you have already noticed the front page on wolfquest you may have seen that Derek is now our new beta male and Karma is our new Delta Female. However, those are not the only people who have moved up in ranks. While making the decision of who should become our new beta male we decided that one member (who has been here for ages...and has helped out countless times and who we thought deserved such a rank) was moved up to the rank of Delta Male. That person/wolfeh is Soap in the Boat!

I feel that the people we have chosen to take on these three ranks will do quite well.
However, with these new people chosen you may also notice that other ranks have been opened up that were previously taken. We now have all of our Lead ranks open for people to take hold of them, but of course you may only earn these ranks by being active and helpful.

With all of this said I shall end this little announcement.

(Note: You can congratulate them on the WQ thread if you wish, but keep on topic.)

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