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Post by Rune on January 28th 2011, 6:45 pm

Okay, so this is how this little contest/activity shall work. Below you will see 15 questions that Derek so kindly found for us all relating to the pack in someway. If you would like to participate then you must find an answer for all 15 questions. Each is worth 2 points so in the end it will total up to around 30 points. The person who gets the most correct wins, but if by some chance we have a tie. A bonus question will be given until we have an official winner. When you are finished and have all of them answered please send it to me (Rune) or Derek. For we are the ones who have the correct answers for the questions.


◘ You must have this finished by Saturday 29th (This maybe extended to the 30th)
◘ Do not ask others for is not as fun if you do this and it will be counted as cheating.

1.) In Boys Vs Girls the boys were slaughtered by how much?
2.) On what date did we announce that we were switching over sites?
3.) Between which two wolves was the first conversation made?
4.) Who was the winner of Animal Collage Contest?
5.) How many pages of RP did we have?
6.) What disease is caused by a microscopic virus?
7.) Two people had the highest post rate, who were they?
8.) Who was the first Alpha Female?
9.) Dakota Hated Palla when she first took over as Alpha why?
10.) What Wolfquest Related thing happened on August 6?
11.) What is the name of Incs Sister (Found in Bio)
12.) How old is the old forum?
13.) How many total post are there?
14.) How many members did the pack have?
15.) Most users online ever? And at what date?

You can find the answers on the old Banishing Winds website-

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